Family History

Fish & Chips have always been part of our lives. We were born into this industry as my parents and Katia’s grandparents, followed by her parents had successful fish & chip shops.

We both grew up working in the fish & chip shop trade. My earliest memory was standing on a stool punching in the numbers on a huge old fashioned cash register. Katia’s is sitting on a pile of potato sacks watching her dad peel the potatoes. My family owned our current site since 1974 and I took over the reins from my father in 2002.

Over the years we put our all into the business working up to 90 hours per week each, sometimes up to 7 days a week, morning, afternoon and late into the night. It is a labour intensive industry.

We lived in the flat above the shop which allowed my parents to work those long hard hours whilst having a young family. I remember having to jump up and down on the floor after an argument with my brother or sister to get my parents attention who were working below. Katia joined forces with me in 2006, the year we got married and we continued to run The Coral Reef together.

– Carlo